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PMC Bronze 7.62x39 Rifle Ammo - 123 Grain | FMJ | 500rd Case $0.54 PR

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PMC Bronze 7.62x39 Rifle Ammo - 123 Grain | FMJ | 500rd Case $0.54 PR


This 500 round bulk pack is not only perfect for Arsenal AK purists but for fans of the SKS, Ruger Mini-30, VEPR, and VZ-2008 who prefer a high quality load to feed their favorite rifles. Each of these 7.62x39mm rounds is assembled using a factory-new brass casing which has been annealed for proper chamber seal and a flexible neck which makes reloading easier and safer. The casings are fitted with clean-igniting Boxer primers bordered by moisture-blocking sealant, loaded with consistent powder charges, and topped with full metal jacket projectiles which weigh in at 123 grains this is one of the caliber's most common weights and offers a ballistic profile that matches both classic and modern sight adjustments.

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