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Surefire Edc1 Dft 650 Lum Tan

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Surefire Edc1 Dft 650 Lum Tan


SureFires Everyday Carry Series punches deep into darkness with the EDC1-DFT" a Dual Fuel, high-candela handheld flashlight that delivers impressive beam designed explicitly for long-distance illumination in a remarkably compact form factor. With a blinding, peak beam intensity of 95"000 candela using the included SF18350 rechargeable lithium-ion battery or 55"000 candela from a single 123A primary battery, the EDC1-DFTs concentrated, tightly focused beam pattern allows you to see farther into the darkness and positively identify any potential threat.

Features :

  • Blinding 95,000-candela peak beam intensity delivers extreme long-distance illumination
  • Dual Fuel technology offers the flexibility of swapping between the rechargeable SF18350 battery or a single 123A lithium primary battery
  • Mil-Spec hard-anodized aluminum body and tempered window make it light, rugged, and durable
  • Meets IPX7 waterproof test standard

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